antistotic (antistotic) wrote in anarchy_now,

The False Ideal of Patriotism

does anyone else find it odd that the countless american flags that were bought during the whole "9-11" thing are now cluttering up landfills? Thus defeating the purpose of the flag. I always thought that the amercan flag was never to touch the ground, and if it was it should be burnt immediately....yet so many are hanging from people cars, torn to shreds, a frail, desecrating symbold of America's fickle nature. The War istelf is bullshit, George Bush is just trying to boost his approval rating and hide the fact that he is a fucking dumbass, with a very, very bad habit of being intoxicated during public speeches. If anyone followed the news, his approval rating jumped drastically, then moths afterwards, people saw him for the retard he was and stopped believing in him. Odd isn't it, how whenever the "War on Terror" is brought up in the news, no one pays attention anymore.
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