Tabitha Fringe Chase (tabby676) wrote in anarchy_now,
Tabitha Fringe Chase

ride to miami?

Okay I am cross posting this everywhere so there is a good chance that at least some of you will see this more than once. But I rarely post at all so I guess this just makes up for my general silence… If you see this 20 times I apologize.

Are you going to Miami for FTAA this month? Are you going from anywhere that will take you through or near Atlanta Georgia? Do you have room in your car/bus/van etc. for one more person?

Please email me at tchase(at) or respond to this message if so,(if you prefer secure email you can reach me at vegan_geek(at) I have to go to Miami, but I am quite poor and I am having more difficulty finding people to ride with than I thought that I would, (apparently most of the activists here are staying to get ready for SOA instead of trying to do both). I would like to get there as early as humanly possible (preferably by the 16th if not before but if need be I can get there later). I can help with gas or pay for space on a bus. I cannot help with the driving, (I don’t have a drivers license).

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