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I will never understand why anarchist are treated harshly because we refuse to blindly follow a corrupt system of government. Why should I be told not to do something, only to see the exact same thing done by authority? Why is it that something that is perfectly legal in any other country is thus outlawed here? Why must I be told I cannot do something because someone believes it to be bad for me? I thought the whole point of making mistakes was to learn from them? Why is it that if I want to do something that harms only me, authority feels they have the right to stop me and then inflict an even harsher fate upon me? I beg of you, even those among you who do not consider yourselves Anarchists, Question Authority. They are not always right, as they would like you to believe. They want you to follow laws that only apply to those who are under them. Laws and rules mean nothing unless the lawmakers also abide by them. To truly achieve peace (which I believe can only be reached by anarchy) we must not judge. we most not treat anyone as inferior, no matter the skin colour, wealth, or origin of birth. Everyone must be equal. And everyone must believe everyone is equal. Even those who consider themseves higher than the normal person. "All animals are equal, some are more equal than others". I am sorry if my psycho babble offends you, but there are much more offense things out there. Look at the government that want your borthers, sisters, cousins, sons, and daughters to die just so they can look like they are doing a good job trying to protect you, when many of them have never even been on a battlefield, never even risked their lives for their country. Why should I follow someone who would rather see me dead than vote against them? Anarchist are basically the child who questions everything because they cannot understand why something is the way it is. How can you explain to your chilren why their father had to die so a congressman can shove more money into his pocket? Question Authority, now and forever.
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The main reason anarchists are persecuted has to do with individuals identifying themselves with "anarchy" and then committing acts of violence or terror. This was a serious problem 100 years ago, and the association stuck. The capitalist state, and the Marxist-Leninists were more than happy to use this as an excuse to paint all anarchists as "Terrorists", and thus make the idea of a non-authoritarian socialist+individualist society be utterly ignored or forgotten.