Jonathan Zinke (mossboy) wrote in anarchy_now,
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Mind of the revolutionary

"Noviolence is the single most powerful weapon at the disposal of mankind."

i cant take this shit anymore, it is time for a revolution. Gandhi style
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nonviolence in a revolution is almost impossible in the 21st century. I believe it has been tried all over the world. Peaceful protests ringing out with salvos of gunshots. I think the time for respect of the constitution as been fucked by the man and therefore is there any reason the average person should allow rules and regulations set forth by a force more powerful than themselves when that force doesnt use its own rules in the war on realism and individuality.
Maybe I'm just a radical. No you dont know me. I'm just looking around at anarchists LJs to see if I can get a discussion or at least use my 1st amendment rights somewhere, they dont let me at school.
I disagree, but you are right in thinking that it will not ever happen. And yes it is sad but a violent war if any will be the most likely scenario. Violence begets violence and will always be pointless no matter how strong the cause. I simply hope that more will see folly in the irony of it all, and choose to try a different method that worked even when no one belived that it would. Ghandhi proved that it works!


October 16 2005, 00:08:52 UTC 12 years ago

"Ghandhi proved that it works!" how's that?

ever been to India? It's pretty fucked up.